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In 1957 Vittorino and Dorino Tognella decided to set up the "F.lli Tognella S.d.f.", after years of experience acquired in a well-known local company in aeronautical field.
In this New Company they invested their skills in the most sophisticated mechanical solutions, their knowledge about economic and productive problems, their enterprising spirit, willpower and the great technical experience.
They started as sub-suppliers to a company in pneumatic sector, then they gradually enter in this one and after into the hydraulic one which will became, thanks to a winning choice, the main sector of the business.

"Technique drives the roots in the past, dominates the present and is outstretched towards the future"

"Tognella" has accepted a not easy-to-win challenge: "To offer quality products at the right price".
However in competition with international giants, their precision, firmness, the wise administration and the total reinvestment of profits rapidly turned this company in one of the market protagonists.
Not much influenced by the sudden changes of this sector, but on the contrary always being able to anticipate the requirements of its customers, day after day the Company grows and in the Seventies reached an international widespread success.
The Tognella’s products are distributed in over 35 countries and in different industrial, commercial and service sectors: mechanical, machine tools, earth-moving, agriculture, plastics, marble and wood making, materials handling and many else.
The achieved success isn’t, however, for the company a point of arrival, but it is rather considered as an element of endless evolution that leads to new ways and ideas, new products and projects in accordance to the most advanced technologies.

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