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Why Tognella brand?
Our name stands for …

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Ability of standard product customization, according to the specific clients’ needs.


Customer Care and Assistance are our flagship: a quality product becoming excellence through our complete calling to client

Made in Italy

We are proudly 100% made in Italy, from the raw material to the final product, in order to guarantee always a high standard reliability with total guarantee that every single component is subjected to the stricter test and inspections during its realizing phases.


Quality of a certified product, where the first guarantee of reliability is represented by the personal activity of the owners and by a Quality System.

Continuous investment

On-going investment in the innovation, research and development process : “Innovation and know-how“ are part of our DNA.

Hand in hand

Cooperation, information and training of the customers, with whom we share technical skills and management experiences of two generations

Company in the province of Varese wins an European tender: Fratelli Tognella Spa “ investing for the future “

The eco-sustainability: a waive that is revolutionizing the global economic landscape. In a perfect harmony with this thought, the European Union launched a visionary recovery plan, outlining a sustainable future for Europe. An ambitious plan, set as an investment in the future of the continent, for a recovery that would be not only sustainable, but also uniform, inclusive and fair.
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The product combined with the service for a result of “global“ excellence.

We are a product firm with a strong calling to service, specialized in production of hydraulic valves and components.

We provide turnkey solutions of real quality, efficient in their function and functionality, both for standard and customized, to match and rise in an increasingly competitive and global market. But not only: we create positive experiences, lasting human relationships and cooperations finding their natural union into the wide product range offered on the market; products that stand out, for more than 60 years, in control and regulation fluid scene through their complete reliability.
Our best advertising are our customers; they say about us …Tognella product? “Fit and forget“
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Our customer is the real and only hero of our history

We love to follow our customer step by step and accompany him “safely” to the identification of the final solution:

Needs Analysis
Evaluation of the different options
Design support
Provision of the standard solution
Development of the customized solution
Product usability

We know how to correctly interpret customer needs, regardless of sector and size, wherever there is a need to regulate and control fluids

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60 years of italian hydraulic history

First of all we are Persons working with passion, professionalism, reliability and fairness on the human side.
We are a proudly Italian comany with a history of more than 60 years lived in an authentically tricolor way, with a distinctive experience, of product and service, wherever there are fluids to be checked and regulated.

Our history