Tognella’s history goes back to the last century, with two brothers Vittorino and Dorino Tognella who in 1957 decided to join their technical experience and to set up  “F.lli Tognella Sdf”.

The challenge of that time, accepted by Tognella’s brothers, was to create quality products at a fair price. That meant working in competition with international giants but essentiality, rigour and wise administration led that little firm becoming, during the years, one of the protagonist of the national market. It is in the eighties that arrives the consecration to an international level of  Tognella Spa that can finally compare to the real giants of the area.

In 1992 Vittorino and Dorino Tognella’s sons take the place in the management: Ferruccio, Luigi and Fabio. These three men accepted the challenge and carrying out the work began by their parents, with the same perseverance.

The following step is in 2000 with the transformation from Company to Group acquiring before Costante Sesino spa, later in 2003 National Systems and, finally, Lametars in 2005.

Today Tognella spa is the chief of this brands group, leader in the field, that together make Tognella Group.

Since 14th February 2017, company COSTANTE SESINO S.P.A. is not part of TOGNELLA GROUP.
Today Sesino is an economically strong firm, well-structured and organized in every area, able to face the tough challenges that market proposes.
The cooperation with Sesino continues with distribution of its products both with usual customers and with direct promotion with the potential new ones, ensuring the same service and consulting.