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FT 280/2

Plate flow control valves available in sizes from 1/8" to 1/2" and Cetop 3 (03) and 06, max. working pressure 250 Bar, adjustable oil flow rate from 0,2 to 80 Lt./min. (depending on the size)

Plate mounted valves
Double-acting control
Carbon steel
Plate Double-acting flow control valves

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FT 280/2

* (NBR - standard)


* (MA - standard - aluminium)
RA (Aluminium spoked)

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Technical information

They allow flow control in both directions.They are equipped with a needle properly set up for: • efficient metallic sealing; • flow linearity during opening; • accurate flow control for a wide range of flow rates. A double reference system made up of a decimal scale on the handwheel and of a keyed metal ring, with a graduated scale, and divided into sectors allows easily to identify the flow conditions. A locking screw inside the handwheel guarantees stable flow values preventing vibrations, accidental movements and possible impacts. They are provided with plate connections mod. CETOP 03 or interchangeable with the widely used valves ( kind 60 ). The connection O-rings are equipped in series. Max. working pressure 250 bar.