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FT 270/5

Compensated single-acting flow control valves available from 1/4" to 1" BSPP size, max. working pressure 250 Bar, adjustable oil flow rate from 2 to 140 Lt./min. (depending on the size) - Precision in compensation +/- 5% max

Single-acting control
Pressure compensated In line or panel mounting
Carbon steel
F - F Female - Female
In line pressure compensated single-acting flow control valves

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FT 270/5

* (BSPP - standard)


* (NBR - standard)
** (V - FPM - standard for stainless steel valves)


* (MA - standard - aluminium)
RA (Aluminium spoked)


* (no nut)
G (nut)

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Technical information

The pressure compensated valves FT 270/5 are essentially composed of an adjustable orifice and of a pressure compensator. The check valves, realized through a shutter, reduce the number of the components in movement. Inside the base there are wide cross-sections which significantly reduce the pressure drop. The accuracy of the machining of the internal components ensures a very low hysteresis and a remarkable precision in compensation that on this series is around ±4%  of the flow rate. The accurate checks carried out on the products ensure a proper functioning of the valves also in heavy working conditions and an excellent lasting reliability.