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FT 1253/5-01

Single-acting flow control valves available from 1/8" to 3/4" BSPP size, max.working pressure 210 Bar, adjustable oil flow rate from 1 to 80 Lt./min. (depending on the size) - compact series -

Single-acting control
In line or panel mounting
Brass OT58 - UNI5705 Nickel Plated
F - F Female - Female
In line single-acting flow control valves

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FT 1253/5-01

* (BSPP - standard)


* (NBR - standard)
** (V - FPM - standard for stainless steel valves)


* (MA - standard - aluminium)
RA (Aluminium spoked)


* (no nut)
G (nut)

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Technical information

The valves of FT 1253/5 are manufactured by the moulding of series FT 1251/2 guarantee flow regulation in one direction and full free flow in opposite direction thanks to the needle, unit with ball incorporated they are equipped with. They are an alternative to FT 257/5 for applications where the working pressure does not exceed 210 bar and where ferrous materials cannot be used. They are ideal for use with fluids other than oil ( such as: air, gas and liquids in general ). They have the same characteristics as the FT 257 series: • efficient metallic sealing;• flow linearity at the opening; • simple setting of flow rates; • secure against accidental needle lift-out; • secure needle position; •panel mounting provision, for which special lock nuts (G) are is supplied on request.