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FT 290

In line gauge isolators, threads available with sizes 1/4" - 1/2", with swivel nut for manometer direction during mounting
In line needle valves with handwheel
Carbon steel
In line gauge Isolators

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FT 290
Connection type

* (Male-Female)
** (Female-Female - standard for FT 292)
*** (Plate Cetop 03)
**** (Plate)
01 (Female-Female)
04 (Rigid pipes - DIN 2353)
05 (Flexible pipes DIN 3861-DIN 7611)


* (BSPP - standard)
** (BSPT-BSPP - standard)


* ( NBR - standard )
** (V - FPM - standard - for AISI 316 valves )

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Technical information

The FT290 isolator needle valves (in line) are normally used to protect the gauge as they have the double function of dampening pressure shock, when opening, and of isolating it entirely. Pressed in high-resistance steel, protected by an accurate treatment, subjected to strict tests, they ensure reliability and long life. A rotating swivel nut allows to the user to plug the manometer, directing it to the more suitable position, with a single blocking operation. The sealing, supplied as standard, and inserted in the nut, prevents any leakages between the connection and the gauge. For pressure gauge with taper threads, it will be necessary to use copper washers FT 1201 (to be requested separately). Suitable for pressure up to 400 bar and temperature from -20° to +100° they can be panel mounted by use of panel nut (G), supplied on request. On request: • Versions with connections female/female (01) • For rigid pipes (04) • For flexible pipes (05) • Viton seals (V) • Complete with lock nut (G) indicating whether KM or hexagonal • Version in AISI 316 code FT 2290