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FT 358/2

Double-acting flow control stackable valves Cetop 5 available with controlled flow on A-B-P or double A+B ports, max. working pressure 320 Bar, adjustable oil flow rate from 3 to 45 Lt./min.

Cetop 5 valves - NG10
Flow control
Double-acting control
Carbon steel
Double-acting flow control valves Cetop 5

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FT 358/2

03 ( Cetop 03 )
05 ( Cetop 05 )


* METER IN ( standard )
** (double acting)


* NBR ( standard )
V ( FPM )

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Technical information

Flow rate control valve, not compensated, for modular mounting with subplate surface according to ISO 4401-05. It allows a fine fluid regulation in two directions even with flow rate. The version with handwheel, equipped with locking nut, for flow rate. Flow rate 45L/min.