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FT 293

Button gauge isolator for manometer, plate mounting, port available Cetop 03. On request furnishable without lock lecture
Manual push-button, plate mounting valves
Carbon steel
Three-way button gauge isolators and plate mounting

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FT 293
Connection type

* (Male-Female)
** (Female-Female - standard for FT 292)
*** (Plate Cetop 03)
**** (Plate)
01 (Female-Female)
04 (Rigid pipes - DIN 2353)
05 (Flexible pipes DIN 3861-DIN 7611)


* (BSPP - standard)
** (BSPT-BSPP - standard)


* ( NBR - standard )
** (V - FPM - standard - for AISI 316 valves )

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Technical information

The new push-button gauge isolators, series FT 293, are usually used to protect the manometer as they have the double function of dampening pressure shock, when opening, and of isolating it from pressure line. The reading is done by button pressure, releasing it, the piston, pushed by the compression spring, intercepts fluid directed to the instrument getting into discharge automatically the remaining pressure. A particular design feature permits to block the button into reading position, rotating it in the direction indicated by the arrow, displaying continuously the circuit pressure, release is obtained by depressing the button. Locking screws are not supplied. The accurate study of components, of working conditions and of materials has contributed to obtain high quality levels, also confirmed by the results, which they are regularly subjected to test. They are equipped with connectors FT 299, allowing a fast manometer block for ease of reading. They can be used for working pressure up to 400 bar.